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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tomorrow morning HL7 recognizes various member organizations for their sponsorship of HL7 activities, and at every September Plenary meeting, they also recognize individual contributions to HL7 via the Ed Hammond Awards.  I decided that I am going to institute the Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award this evening based on a random comment someone made to me this evening.  Unlike the Ed Hammond awards which come with a pretty vase in Duke Blue, the Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley award appears in black and chrome, comes with no physical object of any monetary value.  However, the bragging rights you do get may be more valuable, we'll see as time goes on.

Tonight I was reminded of the contributions of one person to the use of CDA in multiple standards venues, and I'd like to honor that person with the First ever Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley Award. The rules of who gets the Ad Hoc Motorcycle Guy Harley award are completely arbitrary.  There is no nominating committee, although nominees are always welcome.  The bar to recognition is fairly high if the first recipient is any evidence, and I hope to maintain the quality of recipients in subsequent awards.  I wont' award more than one a year for the same type of industry service, and I expect to award no more than five a year.

This first award recipient is a software engineer working in a relatively obscure office.  The person receiving this award has contributed a great deal to one of the most frequently referenced tools that I point software engineers to who are implementing CDA documents.  He diligently reviews specifications from HL7, IHE, and ANSI/HITSP, comments on them using all the appropriate processes, follows up to ensure each issue he has raised is addressed by the relevant standards body, and then updates the work of his organization to see that implementors of CDA benefit from his work.  He spends tireless hours looking at what would be to most people a meaningless combination of XML, XPath Expressions and CDA constructions, reviews and patiently explains to others how the software his organization develops got the results it did, and what they must do to correct their problems; has his e-mail address posted online, answers innumerable e-mails on a weekly basis, especially in the months of October through January, and yet maintains a very even and fair keel through all of this.

This certifies that 
Andrew McCaffrey of NIST 

Has hereby been recognized for outstanding contributions to the forwarding of Healthcare Standardization

Andrew, congratulations and thank you for all your many years of service developing the NIST CDA Validator, review of countless HL7, IHE and ANSI/HITSP technical specifications.  Your collegues may have put me up to this, but I got to chose how you were mentioned, and I truly believe that you deserve significant recognition for all the work you have done on behalf of CDA interoperability, not just here in the USA but worldwide.  In honor of this recognition, the NIST CDA Validator also gets a link on this blog.