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Friday, October 1, 2010

Top O' the Month

This will probably be the last regular installment of Top O' the ..., because I have a new widget on my side bar which now shows the top 10 posts for the last 30 days. 

The top 3 for last month (another record breaker) are (without further comment, because I've already talked about them before are):
  1. In which I have something positive to say about ONC
  2. I wanna be an ePatient
  3. Meaningful Use Standards Summary
And I guess people are still stunned that I have something positive to say about ONC because it is also still top of the week.  On that note, I hope those of you in the US who had the opportunity, did listen to Doug speak about the ONC Standards and Interoperability Framework in the Educational webinar today from the National eHealth Collaborative.

This was mostly review of the top post for this month (and week), but at least you could hear it from Doug rather than me.


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