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Friday, September 3, 2010

I wanna be an ePatient

Not sure what the tune is to go with this, but it's sort'a semi-RAP with lots of attitude.

I wanna be an e-Patient
To be a patient like Dave
Give me my damn data!
'Cause it's my life to save

I want to be an e-patient,
Under Meaningful Use
you can have my consent
to share without abuse


Send me my damn data,
in a Patient Summary
You can use a CCR
But I'd prefer a CCD!


I got my healthcare Inbox
You can send it DIRECT
To my HIE


Hey I'm an e-Patient
Measurin' your quality
I'm gonna share my data
with other patients like Me
Hey I'm an e-Patient
and you can be to
Just need ask your doctor
for your C32

This blog post constitutes my formal submission for entrance to the The American College of Medical Informatimusicology.  I now return you to your normal weekly broadcast.  Enjoy the long weekend.


Updated 6-26-2011 with the video taken at #HealthFoo