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Friday, February 4, 2011

500 and Counting

According to Blogger, this is my 500th post.  I started this blog in June of 2008, mostly as a way to record my thoughts in a persistent way (I call persistent messages "documents") so that I could refer people to them later.  It's been very effective for that purpose and since then many other things have happened that augment its utility.  The top ten posts have more than 1000 views each and are still getting at least 30 views each month.

I wrote 25 posts in that first year.  That first month I wrote a post on Clinical Decision Support that taught me the value of a simple title name that was easily searchable.  It's still in the top 10 (position ) at over 1300 hits, and gets on average about 30 hits a month. Of course another post with a simple name was the Meaningful Use Standards Summary.  That was a block buster post at the top of the chart that's gotten more than 5000 hits in 6 months, and still gets more than 300 views a month.  Robin's Meaningful Use Posters at postion 8 is another good resource.  The last post in this catagory is Laboratory Orders, in position 10.  While the information in that is a little dated, the work that Clem McDonald did on Common lab orders from LOINC is something everyone should be aware of.

Robin is one of several winners of the Ad Hoc Harley award that I give out five times (more or less) a year.  Her award page also includes more posters and resources, and so it is in position 5.  The Ad Hoc Harley award winner pages as a general theme have also been a big hit, getting over 4000 hits since I started it in January of last year with the award to Andrew McCaffrey of NIST.

Another useful page is the Open Source Standards page, which was another blockbuster at #2.  It's received over 2000 hits in less than a year.  That's got an interesting trend line.  It had more than 300 hits its first month, fell off to 150, and has then climbed back up to over 350 in December.  I've never seen that happen before.  By the way, if you have any updates to that page, please let me know.  Another resource page is the starting post on the Where in the World is XDS map, at postition 9 and still more 50 hits a month.  The map has been around for a little more than a year, and has gotten more than 100,000 hits on Google.

With the dawn of Meaningful Use, a lot of implementors had questions about the HITSP C32 specification, and moving from version 2.3 to 2.5.  That page is in position 3, and gets more than 250 hits a month, although it finally seems to be slowing down some.  I'm hoping that's because most people who would have benefited from it have implemented it by now.

I've been greatly involved in the development of Templated CDA, and one of my posts on that topic remains in position 4.

Last, but not least, was the post I wrote that was the reason for starting this blog:  If I had a Hammer.  I've been using that post as a hammer for 2+ years, and it finally seems to have set in.  That post has had more readership in most of the the months that followed it than it got in the early days of this blog, and remains in the top 10 at position number 7.

I now return you to your regular blog stream with post 501 on the topic I promised yesterday.


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