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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go ahead. I dare you.

Call yourself a dog or a cat.  I don't care.  AHIMA, AMIA, ANSI, Connecting For Health, eHI, EHRA, HIMSS, HL7, IHE, IHE USA, Internet2, Liberty Alliance; ONC; Continua, CCHIT, Health Story, NeHC; X12N, NCPDP, CAQH/CORE, PHSDC, the SCO, ASTM, OASIS, OMG; OHT.  Anyone else I've missed (I'm sure there are some)?

Let's have a meeting of the minds ... a come to Jesus meeting.

You,  represent (and I quote) "an extraordinary diversity of stakeholders who share a commitment to improving the health care system through more effective use of health information."

Come together again, but this time, let's put some skin into the game.  Every single one of you has something you are doing that is focused on Healthcare Interoperability and Standards.  Many of you are US focused, some exclusively, others have a strong US presence.  Many of you derive revenue from these activities.

We need to break down more silos, but these are all your own silos.  I'm tired of silos.  I want you all to go into a room, we'll feed you coffee, tea, pizza and mountain dew and all the water you can drink, but there will be no bathroom breaks until you've emerged with a solution about how we can develop standards, implementation guides, reference implementations, and open source, under a common governance framework, with shared benefits to all, to meet the needs of the US healthcare system, and to support our goals internationally as well.  Call it the US Standards Collaborative.  Call it SI Framework 2.0.  Call it what you want.  Make it happen.

Oh, and ONC, you need to put some skin into this game too.  You, as I recall, wanted a public-private partnership to come out of the SI framework process.  What will you put forth to make that happen?  You know the money for SI Framework runs out in what, two years or so?  How will you keep that going.

Nah, it'll never happen.  There's just too much competition for leadership in this space for people to work together on a common goal like this.

But it could.  If just a few someones were willing to take the dare.


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