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Friday, June 24, 2011

Where Android will win and iP* will lose

Pretty tied up with stuff lately, so not much external writing happening.   Today's post is just a simple observation:

This is an extremely cool looking toy.  I can see lots of different possibilities around technology and software like this in healthcare.  But then look at the firing mechanism.  A mechanical, capacative trigger.  Yuck.  Can't even have a simple trigger integrated with the device.

The cool thing about Android is that you can take it out of it's tablet skin and use it in a variety of different places, "dumb down" the installed software to support a single purpose, and voilà, you can have controls for a car, coffee maker, dishwasher or any moderately complex device, including many used in Healthcare.  Want to integrate wired networking instead of wireless? other inputs?  Yep, can do.  Imagine trying to get the same sort of iP* components for use in other manufacturing.  I'm not sure that's ever going to happen.

Everywhere there's an LCD screen and three or four buttons to control a device, you could replace it with a slimmed down user control supporting something running on the Android platform.  There's a lot more of those out there than there are phones and tablets.

Just sayin'