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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

FY 2012 ICD-9-CM Vocabulary Now Available from CDC

CDC Vocabulary server (PHIN VADS) has been updated with the latest version of ICD-9 CM (FY 2012). This version will be effective from Oct 1st 2011.

CDC PHIN VADS Download Files / Links:
(a) ICD-9 CM Diagnosis - Vol 1 & 2
       - Download File (Excel Spreadsheet)
       - PHIN VADS hyperlink provides metadata needed for HL7 messaging such as OID's.

(b) ICD-9 CM Procedure - Vol 3 
         - Download File (Excel Spreadsheet) 
         - PHIN VADS hyperlink provides metadata needed for messaging such as OID's,

Source file for ICD-9 CM codes have been taken from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS publishes the ICD-9 Codes with short description, long description and ICD-9 codes without decimals. For electronic data exchange, it is recommended to use the ICD-9 codes without decimals. CMS also publishes the updates (New, Revised and Deleted codes) which may be useful for implementers of ICD-9 CM (link).

CDC Vocabulary team have published the ICD-9 CM FY2012 which includes the ICD-9 codes with and without decimals. We have also created a preferred name that includes long description and ICD-9 CM code with decimals.

Leading and trailing zeroes are important which could be truncated by Microsoft Excel, if the columns are not formatted as "Text". We have imported the ICD-9 CM codes in a spreadsheet for your convenience with the following fields:

(A)  ICD-9 CM Code without Decimal: 24900
     -concept code to be used in electronic data exchange including HL7 messages.
(B) Short description: Sec DM wo cmp nt st uncn
(C) ICD-9 CM code with Decimals249.00
 (D) Long Description with ICD-9 CM Decimal Codes: Secondary diabetes mellitus without mention of complication, not stated as uncontrolled, or unspecified [249.00]

CDC Vocabulary Team

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  1. Is it not so obvious where to download an Excel spreadsheet like the one you posted? Because I went to that website again and again thinking it's gotta be somewhere, but yet can't find a link to download that data? Can you tell me where it is please?