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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework Volumes and Supplements Published

This apparently got stuck in my inbox. I should have published it a couple weeks ago.  Document links are to the PDFs that were published:

IHE Community,

IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework Volumes and Trial Implementation Supplements published

The IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee has published the following Final Text Technical Framework Volumes as of September 9, 2011:
·       Volume 1 (PCC TF-1): Integration Profiles
·       Volume 2 (PCC TF-2): Transactions and Content Modules

The committee has also published the following supplements to the Technical Framework for Trial Implementation as of September 9, 2011:
·       Antepartum Profiles (includes APE, APHP, APL, and APS)
·       CDA Content Modules Supplement (was published on 2011-09-02)
·       Emergency Department Encounter Summary (includes CTNN, EDPN, NN, and TN)
·       EMS Transfer of Care (ETC) – has been deprecated
·       Immunization Content (IC)
·       Labor and Delivery Profiles (includes LDHP, LDS, and MDS)
·       Newborn Discharge Summary (NDS)
·       Patient Plan of Care (PPOC)
·       Postpartum Visit Summary (PPVS)
·       Transport Record Summary Profiles (includes ETS and ITS and replaces ETC)

These profiles will be available for testing at subsequent IHE Connectathons.  The documents are available for download at

Comments on all documents can be submitted at


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