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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time for "The Talk"

I was twittering a bit with @SusannahFox of Pew Internet fame, about data on teen use of "Dr. Internet". They don't have any data yet (but who knows, maybe they will soon). After thinking about it, I decided that it was time for another one my children's dreaded (not really) "Daddy Lectures." This one will about how they use the Internet with respect to health information. Key points will be, how to use it safely, what to do if it freaks you out, and who to talk to if you don't want to talk to mom or dad. I really don't think this will be a problem for my kids. They know quite a bit already about how to use the Internet safely, and to check out what they learn for veracity. My daughter rarely if ever spams me with the junk her buddies send about the latest virus scare or Internet scam. My eldest has even learned my innoculation trick (harvest e-mails from spam, and send back the facts). The key point for her, is as she reaches the age where her body is changing, she may become more curious about health issues related to that. So, we'll have a deeper chat about "Dr. Internet" and its limitations, and her need to use adults and doctors to help her filter the information. Oh boy, just what I needed this week, another pitch to prepare ;-). [I'm in training all week, learning to give pitches, and at the same time, just booked three new ones for the next three weeks]. Well, back to my homework, two pitches to give tomorrow.


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