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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This made me laugh

It's a geek kind of thing, and maybe you even had to be there to get it.  I'm sitting in the esMD meetings at the S&I Framework face to face.  We've been getting an overview of the technical implementation that came out of phase one of the CMS esMD project.

The diagram above comes from the presentation we are looking at today.  The transaction in the middle is the ITI 41: Provide and Register Document Set.  This is the transaction that is used between a document source (the two boxes on the left), and the document recipient (the big box on the right).

Now, inside this box, the esMD project has created an index of the metadata.  Then they put the documents in their enterprise content management system.

We usually call metadata indexing systems "registries".  And an enterprise content management system can also be thought of as a repository.  Interestingly enough, there is an IHE Profile that has transactions which index metadata in a registry and store the documents in a repository.  It's called XDS.


  1. This made me cry.

    How much time, effort, and money has been spent to reinvent the same wheel while whining about how the last wheel was too complicated?

  2. Politics. I am never surprised at the technical gymnastics that group goes through because of politics.

  3. Keith, so are you saying they were fine using XDR but deliberately avoided using XDS and implemented equivalent functionality without it? If so, is that because NwHIN Exchange includes some profiles like XDR, XCA, XCPD, but not XDS? I guess I never understood the politics of using some IHE profiles but not others, though I understand that NwHIN claims silence on "local/regional" HIEs.