Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update from IHE

Three IHE Domains meet this week to discuss work items to move forward:  IT Infrastructure, Patient Care Coordination, and Quality, Research and Public Health.

I put together a profile proposal now named "Documents for Mobile Health" which was submitted to IT Infrastructure.  I wrote about this back in September.  The updated detailed proposal (ftp to word document) is more simplified than the original proposal, and was recommended to move forward as a work item by that committee.

Patient Care Coordination reviewed four work items:

  1. Cross Enterprise eReferral Workflow
  2. Cross Enterprise Telehealth Monitoring Workflow
  3. Retrieve Clinical Knowledge (see this post)
  4. Nursing Whitepaper
The two workflow proposals overlap (they both require eReferral), and involve developing content profiles for Cross Enterprise Document Workflow (XDW) to support workflows.  One of the committee members pointed us to a great paper on Case Handling  (pdf) that seems to be really well aligned with the XDW Profile itself.  We (PCC) plans on producing a white paper for public comment in the February time frame to document how we plan on approaching XDW based workflow profiles.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching a customized CDA class to a number of IHE profile authors.  It covers the same material as I usually teach, but then adds in the IHE specific "how we do things", and references the IHE templates that are already developed.  I'm looking forward to it.


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