Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've written more than a score of posts on ABBI, and it's beginning to get difficult to remember the right keywords to find each one when I want to reference it. So it's well past time to write the TOC page for the ABBI Project.  As I write more about ABBI, I'll update this page (which you can find in My Favorites).

You can find further material on ABBI by looking at my prototype, the source, or my kids' info-mercial.
  1. Not So Secret White House Meeting with Patients
    This is where it all started.
  2. Automate the Blue Button
    Mostly a reprint of the ONC Announcement, but also where my first cut at a proposal for PULL started from (IHE MHD + OAuth).
  3. "Ask for It" The Director's Cut
    My daughters' three minute info-mercial for ABBI.
  4. Automate the Blue Button PULL Proposal
    My first cut at a proposal for the PULL API.
  5. The Magical Little Blue Button
    In which I explain how the new Blue Button supports the requirements for View, Download and Transmit of Meaningful Use.
  6. What ABBI can for for Healthcare Cost Transparency
    If there was ever a post that I could say really had an impact on healthcare cost, this might be it someday.  And some folks on the payer side seem to be taking this one pretty seriously.  The idea is to allow patients to download their EOB data electronically in a machine readable format.
  7. Crowd Sourcing a Keynote
    Half summary of the session Adrian Gropper and I did at Health Camp, and half input to Dave deBronkart's keynote at Medicine 2.0 (where Abby again wows the crowd).
  8. Fall is Coding Season
    Trials and tribulations of maintaining a development environment, which is actually pretty revealing about my Architecture for the ABBI prototype.
  9. ABBI's First Data Holder Connection to IHE XDS via OHT
    My first bit of working code for the prototype.
  10. Provisioning an Application to automatically find ABBI's BlueButton
    Finding a web-sites Blue Button interface should be as easy as finding your belly-button.  This proposes a way to do that.
  11. A Bake Off
    I'm comparing IHE MHD, FHIR's XdsEntry, and what I composed for ABBI.  You can too at the link in the explanation for the next post.
  12. I iz in UR Cloud. It iz mai Sandbox
    In which I launch the code I've been playing with into the cloud.  Play with my prototype here.


Some of my posts on ABBI are related to CDA. 
  1. Illegitimi Non Carborundum
    A rant and recant in which I complain about attacks which I take rather personally.
  2. Forwards on ABBI
    Mostly more ranting, but also explaining why I like this project so much.
  3. Why Not Both? The Genius of the AND, 2012 Edition
    In which I move towards a content negotiation strategy for ABBI.
  4. Usability, CCDA Documents and ABBI
    Give me my damn data.  Make it pretty later.  Because the key word in usability is use, not view.
  5. Styling CDA Based on Entry Content
    In which I describe a technique that allows you to style narrative based on the data that reference it.


A number of my posts deal with using OAuth.  I've gathered these together here in this section.
  1. ABBI Security
    Starting to delve into OAuth, and container managed security.  This becomes important later.
  2. An OAuth Provider for ABBI
    Just a little bit of architecture on my FIRST OAuth Provider that I developed for ABBI.  It certainly works, but there's something better in the works...
  3. An OAuth Provider for Java based on Scribe
    Having found and invested myself in Scribe, and then discovering it implemented only the client-side of OAuth, I now had to go pick something else.  Or did I?  This post explains how I enhanced Scribe to deal with the Provider side of OAuth.  But wait...
  4. OAuth Enabling a Web Application
    In which I refactor my OAuth implementation to make it easier to retrofit existing web apps.


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