Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I iz in UR Cloud. It iz mai Sandbox

I finally got my ABBI Prototype running in the cloud after about two weeks.  I spent about four hours one night a couple of weeks back trying to find a free place to put it, and finally settled on OpenShift.  I had been using Tomcat 5.0 (because I never needed anything more) for my own development, but wound up having to install Tomcat 7.0 in OpenShift because I could never get Tomcat 5.0 working there.  I followed the manual instructions rather than the automatic ones (see yesterday's post).

I used it to test out my OAuth implementations (both client and server), but wasn't quite ready to put my prototype up there.  Yesterday, Pierce (one of the coordinators on the ABBI project) talked me into giving a demonstration of what I've accomplished thus far.  That was enough inspiration to get me to finish up a major refactoring and launch the site this evening.  It took me longer than I figured because I almost forgot to install a key feature on the site before I launched it.

One of my happy accidents in starting this blog was my nearly simultaneous discovery of Google Analytics.  It's become a very powerful tool for me in blogging.  I figured that I was generating enough content for my ABBI prototype that it would be helpful for me to understand what pages people were using and playing with.  So I spend a bit of time figuring out what I needed to do to make analytics work with some of the machine generated content I figured I'd also load up there.

For now, the code for the prototype is hosted on Google Code, and that also has a wiki (which I've barely used), and a place for you to report issues.

Have at, play around!  Break it (at this early stage, it shouldn't be too hard to do).

Having now built and demonstrated three different protocols, I'm ready to pick one.  My favorite thus far is HL7 FHIR's xdsentry.  My next small bit of code will develop a FHIR XML to JSON conversion routine so that I can demonstrate what the result looks like when you request the JSON format using that API (which obviously, I don't support yet).

Wanna help?  Drop me an e-mail.

  -- Keith

P.S.  I couldn't get my cat to sit still for an appropriate picture for this post, but eventually, I'll rope him in as well.  What the heck, I've already got my kids writing the ads...

10/11/2012 8:14 The service seems to be stopping rather frequently and not restarting. I'm looking into it...

10/11/2012 12:39 I seem to have fixed it. I was overrunning my memory allocation, and that was killing my process.


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