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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The men and women of Interoperability

Health IT News recently announced its annual Men and Women of Health IT Awards.  I'll probably never make that list, as I don't work in a Healthcare System, nor do many of my colleagues in interoperability.  I thought I'd make a list of my top ten men and women of Interoperability.  The rules are very much like those for the Ad Hoc Harleys, I make them up as I go along.  There's no nomination period, and the qualifications are that you have to somehow come to my attention.

Without further ado, here's my top ten in alphabetical order, because I couldn't rank them any other way.

Bill Majurski from NIST: He's with the government, but he really is here to help.  Past co-chair of IHE IT Infrastructure, currently leading MU Stage 2 validation tool efforts in NIST, and all around nice guy.

Bob Yencha: Former HITSP-ite, HL7, CDA, IHE and S&I Framework geek.  Bob's one of those all around guys who can manage a project, facilitate a meeting, or technically lead a project.

Corey Spears of Medicity: CDA Rock star formerly from McKesson, Corey now leads up interoperability activities for Medicity.  I like to think that Corey is my "secret agent" on the "dark side" ;-)  of healthcare, the payers.

George Cole of Allscripts: Another CDA Rock Star.  George participates in IHE IT Infrastructure, Patient Care Coordination, and Quality, Public Health and Research, as well as other interoperability initiatives here in the US.

Gila Pyke: Past recipient of an Ad Hoc Harley, reviewer of The CDA Book, and a strong leader in interoperability in Canada.  She really gets it, and even when she doesn't have it yet, she will tomorrow.

John Moehrke of GE Healthcare: My go-to guy for all things related to security and privacy.

Laura Bright: Another member of the Canadian posse, currently technical committee co-chair in IHE PCC.  She doesn't just understand the technology, but also the business rationales for interoperability.

Lori Fourquet: She wears/has worn lots of hats, secretariat/lead for ISO TC-215 and ASTM security workgroups, a strong coordinator of public health activities in IHE and HL7, and experienced as interim CEO and CTO for a state Health Information Exchange.

Tone Southerland of Greenway: Rock star of IHE PCC (and past TC cochair) and CDA, recently asked to give testimony to the Health IT Standards and Policy committees (last Tuesday).  I wish I had started in interoperability in Healthcare IT when he did.  No longer just an up-and-comer, truly an expert.

Vassil Peychev of Epic: An HL7 V3 rock star (including CDA), who also spends a good deal of time in the IHE IT Infrastructure technical committee.  Vassil is well-known in both HL7 and IHE circles.

These are my ten picks for the men and women of interoperability.  And the one thing that they all have in common besides being exceptional leaders in Health IT, is that they are all here at Connectathon, working to ensure that systems truly do interoperate.

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