Monday, January 27, 2014

IHE Needs Your Expertise

Learn how you can participate in the IHE Technical Committees.
Join us for Lunch and an Informational session on Tuesday, January 28 at 11:30

Why are we asking for your help?

As an IHE Implementer, you, or a person from your organization, are needed in the IHE Technical Committees and Working Groups.  Each IHE Domain works on several profiles that need your experience and understanding to ensure IHE profiles are designed with practical considerations in order to facilitate implementation.

Learn More while at the IHE NA Connectathon:

Please join us for an information session on Tues. January, 28 at 11:30 to 12:30pm in a reserved section of the Riverside West lunch area to discuss what the IHE committees are working on this year, and how you can help!

What are the Opportunities?

Three Ways to Participate:

  1. Planning Process: In the planning process, proposals for next year’s work item development are reviewed and prioritized. The planning process takes places every year in October-November. IHE members can also submit their ideas for new profiles.
  2. IHE Profile Development Process: All proposals are voted on by the planning and technical committees in November and begin development immediately. Work groups are formed around each topic to develop a new Profile. IHE members who are interested in influencing the development typically participate in one or more of the following:
    • Teleconferences: Provide active feedback to the lead authors of each work item.
    • Email Discussions: Occasional email discussions on the technical committee and working group email mail lists related to technical issues.
    • Face-to-Face Meetings: Committees meet occasionally throughout the year(travel is optional, but highly beneficial) where the focused work on the Profiles is completed.  Meeting schedule and dates vary by domain.
    • Public Comment: Provide comments on work items when they are released for public comment, and/or internal committee review.
  3. Change Proposal (CP) Process: IHE profiles have an ongoing maintenance process to develop and review change proposals that help clarify and improve established profiles. CPs are submitted and discussed regularly scheduled teleconferences. Your experience testing at IHE Connectathons is highly insightful and would help ensure that changes made in the CP process are productive!

What are the Benefits?

Participation in the IHE committees provides many opportunities.

  • Support the development of IHE-based products in your company; Ensure your organization’s products and implementations are reflected in the development of new profiles and new changes made to the existing Technical Framework
  • Establish subject matter expertise in IHE profiles and content and become an asset to your business and industry.
  • Build name recognition for you and your company; active IHE members are highly visible and well known in the Healthcare IT world.
  • Provide leadership to develop well written IHE profiles that benefit the broader IHE and Health IT community.

What is the Commitment?

Participation in IHE and your time commitment can vary based on your role.

  • Observer (1-2 hours per week): Participate in technical email threads regarding CPs or new work items.
  • Active Committee member (2-3 hours per week): Participate actively in the shaping and development of a new work item on periodic teleconferences. Active committee members may travel to Face-to-Face committee meetings. Participation is not required but time spent is very productive.
  • Committee Leadership Role: Depending on your interest IHE members can take technical leadership or author of a work item or act as a co-chair. Hours vary by role.

How do I get Started?

Your company or organization must be an IHE International organizational member to participate on IHE committees. If you are active implementers, you are probably also IHE members, but if not – membership is free and very easy to accomplish. Visit

How can you Participate?

Getting started is easy! Just send an email to Gila Pyke ( or Manny Furst ( and indicate the following:

  • Yes, I can attend the Tuesday’s lunch meeting or no, I cannot attend the lunch meeting but would like to learn more!
  • Describe your technical background, work experience and indicate what IHE domain or profile you are interested in learning more about. Below is a full list of the IHE Domains for reference.

Anatomic Pathology
IT Infrastructure
Radiation Oncology
Patient Care Coordination
Quality, Research and Public Health
Eye Care
Patient Care Device


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