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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Travel Weary

I head out today for my last travel for some short period of time (probably not long enough, at least according to my wife).  I spent last week (it seems like longer ago than that) just outside Paris near the CDG airport, at the HL7 Working group meeting.

Last Tuesday I mentioned a quickly run project to update C-CDA 2.1.  We talked with the steering division and they approved the idea in principle.  We've updated the C-CDA 2.0 Project Scope Statement and will be voting in Structured Documents later this week to approve that additional scope of work.  We'll see how that goes.  Some still want to see ONC back off to C-CDA 1.1.  While I agree that wouldn't be a bad idea, I want to make sure that the only sensible decisions they could make would lead everyone to success.  If we only leave them with the choices to back off to C-CDA 1.1, or proceed with a compatible but rather difficult to use C-CDA 2.0 (at least with regard to asynchrounous bilateral cutover), then we could wind up in a very challenging situation.  Given that ONC invested in the 2.0 work, I'm sure they'd like to see it be adopted.  There's some important material in that package (Care Plans) that we really need to meet some of the MU Stage 3 goals.

At the same time, we are also planning the kick-off meeting for the Relevant and Pertinent project to occur some time after Memorial day.  I already have an introductory call scheduled with the Health Story project the first week of June.  We probably won't begin the official engagement with them until later.  The Clinical Interoperability Council also signed onto the project last week.

Keeping up with school this term has been a little bit challenging, but fortunately I've only got four credit hours.  I must have been prescient when I scheduled things that way.  I have a lot more to line up for myself there, and I'm way behind on some of my planning, but will be able to catch up in the next couple of weeks.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with friends this coming Memorial day.  I managed to get the lawnmowers working this weekend and cut about 2 of my nearly 3 acres.  The tractor that came with the place does a good job.  I also cut up about half a cord of wood for drying and later splitting.  I have about another half-cord to finish with.  Before I left for HL7 I had someone come out and cut down the three trees in my side yard that were rotting and dying (one had half fallen over the week before).


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