Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tell ONC to use CCDA 2.1 for Stage3 / 2015 Certification for MeaningfulUse !

Comments close shortly on the ONC Certification Proposed Rule.  If you've already submitted yours, I'd still like you to tell ONC three more things:

  1. HL7 is currently in the process of approving a project to update C-CDA 2.0 to 2.1 ensuring backwards compatibility with Version 1.1 named in previous Certification and Standards Rules.  This will avoid the unnecessary and potential dangerous situation of having to record two documents with dissimilar information about the same patient and encounter to support asynchronous bilateral cutover.  The project team hopes to complete this effort by July or August at the latest.
  2. The changes would enable a C-CDA compliant 1.1 system to read and understand as much of a C-CDA 2.1 instance as is technically feasible.
  3. We think this is a good idea, and would prefer it over other ONC suggested solutions (i.e., using 2.0 and sending two versions to support compatibility).
Click here to comment on the rule.  If you want to copy and paste my words above into your comment, feel free to do so!


P.S. SDWG approved the PSS today!  On to the next stages.


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