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Monday, January 4, 2016

In Hindsight

In Nobody Knows, I raised several questions about the coming year:

The US national program is at a time of transition, from the carrot to the stick. Incentives are no more. Penalties kick in this year. Will that work?

Ha. No. Meaningful Use is largely irrelevant according to some, a problem still for vendors and providers according to others, and mostly unsuccessful in moving the US healthcare system beyond basic EHR functionality.

At the same time, many hope that the incoming congress will pass new laws changing the way the Meaningful Use program works. Will that happen?
Not yet, maybe this year.  There have been several attempts.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 proposed rule, which many and projected to drop December 23rd as usually is still waiting in the wings, Clearly it is no longer business as usual at ONC. What's in the proposed rule?
Now we know.  Except funny thing is, we still don't.  Not exactly.  There's some stuff waiting in the wings based on the comment period.

ONC now hosts at most three of the original people staffing it under ARRA. Few really have a clue what is going to happen here either. What will ONC look like when it grows up?
Hasn't happened yet, and probably won't even begin until later in 2017.  Face it, ONC still has no effective leadership and won't until well into 2017 due to elections.

FHIR will soon be launching its second DSTU. The first pilots of FHIR using DSTU 1 will soon be appearing. Will it work, or won't it?
I'm betting it will, in a big way. More on that later.

IHE and HL7 will soon have a joint workgroup. There is a lot of opportunity here to bring together these two organizations which have had an on-again off-again love-like-hate-envy-love relationship. , will it be successful?
The joint workgroup has been created, and we've even initiated some joint projects, but there's still plenty of untapped potential.  Way too much in my opinion.

I'm looking forward to 2016 in ways that I haven't previously.  With advances in Meaningful Use mostly behind us, it's time to start executing on real interoperability.  And I'm about to kick some ...



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