Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Semper et semper ascendens deinceps

Always and always riding forward.  If you remember the original reference, you know what's coming next.

I had the honor today of having Wes Rishel in my CDA, XDS and FHIR class today.  Wes was the guy that co-opted my skills for his workgroup (Attachments), and for HL7 as a whole.  He has had an outstanding career as an Analyst for Gartner, and is a past co-chair of the HL7 Organization.  Now retired, Wes is doing some side consulting work with his rural health exchange.  He's one of the examples that I hold up before me that tells me I'll never need to retire from doing what I love.

Ed Hammond is another young fellow at HL7 who's stamina is outstanding.  Ed has been a mentor to many in HL7 and I count myself also among his mentees.  Ed teaches Informatics at  Duke University, has the longest tenure on the HL7 Board of any known person, having reached the pinacle of leadership at HL7 as Cochair Emeritus.  He's been recognized in many other forums (AMIA for example).  He's so influentially involved in so many places I want to make a Cards against Humanity cards that says "It wouldn't be the same ______ without Ed Hammond."

Both Wes and Ed are hereby inducted into the 2017 class of the Lords and Ladies of the Ad Hoc Harley.

Wes Rishel and Ed Hammond
Semper et semper ascendens deinceps
(ever and ever riding forward)
And now you both can also add LLAHH (Ladies and Lords of the Ad Hoc Harley) after your names if you so wish.

P.S  Pictures don't lie. Ed never ages. He looks the same as he did in 1990.


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