Tuesday, March 19, 2019

When the NoBlocking regulation is more complex than software

... it's time to apply software tooling.

So I went through various definitions in the Informatin Blocking rule and made a UML diagram.  The value of this became immediately apparent to me when I was able to see for example that Interoperability Element, Health IT Module, and API Technology were somewhat broken.  API Technology is certainly a Health IT Module, and should be defined in terms of that definition.

It also shows the various relationships associated with actors.  As I go through the rule, I imagine there will be other relationships that I can infer from the regulatory text (e.g., fees charged to actors by other actors).

You can see the results below, and more importantly, you can get the source.

Entities (people, organizations, and things) are classes.  Things that can be done (verbs) are represented as interfaces.  The SVG representation links back to the regulatory text, and has mouse-overs citing the source of the link or artifact.



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