Friday, November 5, 2010

It's your data, ask for it.

This is a script for a very short commercial.  Each scene in it can also stand on its own, fading to a website URL.  I'd love to see commercials like these be more ubiquitous than ads for drugs on TV (at least here in the US):

Setting:  A bedroom.  There is a suitcase on the bed, and a woman is clearly packing it. A man (her husband) walks in to start taking things out of his closet to pack:

Wife:  Honey, when you get your flu shot today, can you ask Dr. ____ to give you an updated copy of your records?
Husband:  Sure, I'll just get him to print ...
Wife (interupting):  No, here... she hands him a thumb drive.
Husband:  What is he supposed to do with this?
Wife:  He should be able to give us an electronic copy...
Husband:  Are you sure?
Wife:  Sure am, I got mine (dangling a thumb drive) yesterday from Dr. ____, if she can do it, he should.  They use the same system you know.
Husband:  Great.
Wife:  But if he can't, just get him to print it out or e-mail it to you?
Husband: They can do that?...
Wife:  Well, not everyone can, but our doctor is getting money from Medicare to help pay for systems that support that, so he can.
Husband:  Wow, how did you find this out?
--- fade to next scene ---
Setting:  A doctor's office.  The Dr. is just finishing up giving the husband his flu shot.
Dr:  All done...
Husband:  Just one more thing doc... my wife want's me to get an updated copy of my records before we leave for our trip.
Dr:  Sure, just let me finishing updating (he turns to computer and presses a button), and I'll print it ...
Husband (Interupting):  No.. here, she said you could put it on this...
Dr:  Sure can, not many patients know we can do that.  How did you find that out?
--- fade to next scene ---
Somebody famous:  Hi, I'm _____.  Not many patients know it, but the Federal govenment is making it easier for you to get your healthcare data.  They've sponsored a program called Meaningful Use that makes it possible for your doctors to give you your healthcare information.  In order to qualify for benefits under that program, Doctors have to make your data available to most patients within a few days, and some will be able to give it to you immediately.

"It's your data, ask for it."

If you want to find out more, see our website at ____


  1. If you want to use this script in a commercial, just hit the contact me link... I'll grant permission to use it.

  2. I see a least 5 sponsors besides the obvious. Great job, I'll follow your link if something commercial presents itself. Peace

  3. Wow, reading this almost 4 years later, and it's great. Lights! Camera! Action! When do we roll?
    Who could the famous person be...?
    Kevin Bacon? His Wife, the Closer?
    J. Lo? Harrison Ford? Justin T?