Friday, June 8, 2012

Announcing a New S&I Framework Project: RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx)

This is the third S&I Framework project discussed this week, and the second kick-off announced.  I got the e-mails on the others, but this one had to be forwarded to me from another list.  I've been linked in to just about every S&I Framework project that's been going on in some way.  How did I miss the notice on this one?

The schedule is the usual S&I timeline.  This project is announced with the schedule in place before anyone has signed up.  Here's the time-lines:

  • Phase I: Security approach for a RESTful health information exchange (April-June 2012); and
  • Phase II: Content approach for a RESTful health information exchange (July-September 2012)

Given these time-lines, my fear is that there's a stack already built that this project will be pushing that hasn't been coordinated with other standards activities already under way.  However, I suspect that it's based on hData, and I know the hData folks have been coordinating with the FHIR activities in HL7, and with the IHE mHealth profile.  Fortunately, FHIR is already working in a couple of places, and the IHE effort is just in time to take feedback from this effort.

And I was so looking forward to an easy summer ;-)

Announcing a New S&I Framework Project:
RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx)
A new project has joined the S&I Framework community: RESTful Health Exchange (RHEx).RHEx is an open source project to apply proven web technologies to demonstrate a simple, secure, and standards-based health information exchange. Sponsored by the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) program, the RHEx approach provides tools to enable:

·         Patients to manage health information and access;
·         Providers to obtain and exchange health information to support coordinated patient care; and
·         Organizations to adopt health information technology solutions that are easy to implement and maintain.

RHEx is piloting the application of standards and protocols to explore a RESTful approach to exchanging health information. Please visit the RHEx wikito learn more about the project, the RHEx Kickoff WebEx on Thursday, June 14, 2012 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT, and other ways to participate.
RHEx: Powering Secure, Web-Based Health Data Exchange
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This is a message to all participants, volunteers, staff, and committed members of the Standards and Interoperability Framework.



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