Thursday, January 14, 2010

Top Ten Posts for 2009

I'm taking a brief break from connectathon reporting tonight to report on the top 10 postings from last year.

As I reported back in August, I've been tracking the performance of this blog since inception.  The list below shows what you thought was the most popular reading last year.  The numbers to the right indicate the popularity of the post and represents the standard deviation from the mean number of readers for any post.

10. Data Mapping and HITSP TN903 (3.2)
9. IHE PCC Profile Requirements for Templates  (3.4)
8. At the rim of the dam or the edge of a precipice?  (3.7)
7. What is HITSP Doing?  (3.9)
6. Demystifying SAEAF...maybe  (3.9)
5. Template Identifiers, Business Rules and Degrees of Interoperability  (4.0)
4. IHE Releases Trial Implementation Profiles  (4.3)
3. If I had a Hammer  (5.4)
2. Clinical Decision Support (5.8) 
1. Laboratory Orders   (7.2)

January is already an interesting month, since two posts have in one week moved into the top 10, and this month is also on track to be the best ranked month in my history.  The two posts are: 
I was both surprised and thrilled at the popularity of the Where in the World is XDS site.  I've created a smaller and more memorable link for it here:


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