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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bored? Not really

I used up most of my vacation before the end of the year.  So, I have lots of time where there is nobody to talk to, no calls to attend, and nothing new to do (other than that which ws asked for by the Office of No Christmas).

So what am I doing this week?
  • Finishing ballot reconcilliation on HL7 publications I started (OID ballot and Structured Document Architecture)
  • Reading HL7 Ballots for which my votes are due next Monday (hData is what I have left to look at).
  • Putting together my travel calendar for the next 12 months for IHE, HL7, HIMSS, RSNA and other events 
  • Estimating my travel costs for the next year.
  • Reviewing my annual goals and how I did against them.
  • Updating educational materials for the IHE Connectathon Conference (pdf) and HIMSS11
  • Starting yet another viewpoint on the PCAST report
  • Planning code changes for an alerting project
  • Getting people to talk to each other before a small misunderstanding becomes a huge screwup
  • Writing up a quick brief on what IHE PCC is doing this year.
If you are working this week, what are you focusing your attention on?