Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 in Review

  1. According to Blogger and Google Analytics this blog received its 100,000th page view. 
    Google under-reports stats but even so, based on the data I have and projections I can make, it was very likely in the middle of this year.
  2. In September, this blog crossed the 10,000 page views per month mark (Blogger Stats).
    And still rising.  I may even be able to continue breaking monthly records in December, traditionally the month with the lowest response.
  3. In December, this blog averaged more than 3000 page views per week (Blogger Stats).
    Because you are still reading, even in December.  It might be a result of activitities of ONC (the Office of No Christmas) again this year.
  4. Three posts crossed the 1000 views mark this year (Blogger Stats):
    1. Meaningful Use Standards Summary (+5000)
      This post is more popular than any other all time, and is still getting nearly 500 page views per month.
    2. Moving from C32 Version 2.3 to 2.5 (+1500)
      Also very popular, about 250 views per month.
    3. Open Source Standards Implementations (+1400)
  5. Sometime this year (Late September I think), I got more than 1000 hits on a single day.
  6. I initiated the Ad Hoc Harley Awards at the beginning of the year.  There were five award winners this year, resulting in more than 2500 (Analytics + Blogger stats) page views.  Here they are again:
  7. The top four keywords for this blog are (in rank order):
  8. I finished my CDA Book, and it's in the publisher's (Springer) hands.  I expect it to be available in the first half of 2011 (maybe even the first quarter), and there should be an electronic edition. 
  9. This blog was noted in several places, most recently by HL7 Standards (See banner at top right).
  10. I was elected to the HL7 Board (after my second try).
  11. Also of Note:  The Where in the World is XDS Google Map recieved its 100,000th view after 1 year of being in existence.
Now for some looks into a crystal ball for 2011:

Hot Topics:
  • Meaningful Use Stage 2
  • ONC Standards and Interoperability Initiatives
  • HL7/IHE/HealthStory CDA Implementation Guides
  • Clinical Decision Support
Widely Read:
  • Reviews of Pending and Final Regulation on Meaningful Use for Stage 2
A New Year's Resolution:
  • I will try to focus more on worldwide initiatives around Healthcare Standards. 
    I've fallen off as Meaningful Use takes up so much of my day job.  Look for at least one post a week with international relevance, and hopefully more.
  • A 1500 page view day
  • My 500th Twitter Follower (could still come in late December, but not likely)
  • A 2000+ hit post on something other than Meaningful Use
  • Passing the 250,000 views (A quarter million) mark
  • 5 More Ad Hoc Harleys to be Awarded...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and have a happy Calendar New Year.  My "working new year" comes in Early February, where I hope to see many of my US readers at HIMSS11.  I'll see many other international readers in Sydney at the HL7 Working Group Meeting in January, or the IHE Connectathon the following week in sunny Chicago.

I still have a few posting days left this year.  I spent most of my vacation time this summer traveling around North America.


  1. FYI,
    Regardless of the number of hits your blog gets, it is a very valuable source of information, on subjects where info is hard to come by. I am impatiently waiting for your book to come out. Thank you and keep it up, for the sake of Health IT!!

  2. I should have added "The CDA Book" to widely read. Coming out in the first half of 2011, possibly earlier in electronic edition. Thanks for the feedback.