Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LOINC Version 2.34 and RELMA Version 5.0 Now Available

Just crossed my desk...

Regenstrief Institute and the LOINC Committee are pleased to announce
that LOINC Version 2.34 and RELMA Version 5.0 are now available for
download at:

This LOINC release contains a wealth of new content, with highlights
including the PROMIS survey, additional PhenX terms, a comprehensive
package of cephalometric terms, and a detailed cytogenetic testing
template. We've also been very busy adding enhancements to RELMA, like
revising all of the search features to use the Lucene search engine.
This includes the multilingual search capabilities as well, but the
foreign language search features are still considered to be in BETA
TESTING, so proceed with some caution and let us know of any problems
you encounter:

Also in this release, we've added support for multiple replacement terms
where appropriate. For detailed information about this and all the other
features of the release, please see the LOINC news announcement:

Kind Regards from the LOINC Development Team at Regenstrief


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