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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chief Standards Geek

In Healthcare IT News yesterday was an article on 6 new HIT Positions in 2012.  They missed one that should be on the list, and that is the "Chief Standards Executive".

What is a CSE, and what does he or she do?
  1. Determines what HIT Standards are important to the business, and which ones are not (usually with the help of geeks).
  2. Decides upon appropriate organizational policy with respect to the development of the standard, or  use of the standard.
  3. Influence federal and state policy to the degree possible as it relates to HIT Standards.
  4. Assigns appropriate resources to participate in, learn about, and/or implement HIT Standards.
  5. Influences SDO organizations with respect to the development of HIT standards, with respect to appropriateness, industry need, et cetera.
Depending on the organization, this can be a full or part-time position, and can be combined with other roles.  Sometimes a CEO, CIO, CMIO or CMO will take on the role of CSE as part of their duties.

The CSE need not be expert in the Healthcare IT standards per se, but should have access to someone who is.  There role is not necessarily to develop the standards, but rather to know enough about them execute on the tasks above.

This needs to be an executive level position because the CSE needs to be someone who can commit an organization to a strategic path, and to assign resources to execute on their commitments.

I'm not a CSE (I'm definately not an executive); I'm a standards geek.  The CSE needs Standards Geeks to help them with these goals, because most executives aren't geeks.

Who is your CSE?