Thursday, December 15, 2011

A summary of my Series of HQMF blog posts for QueryHealth

I've written more than a dozen posts on HQMF and Query Health, and will probably write more. I find myself struggling to remember which post is which, so here is a list of the posts along with a short description of each one.  You can also find a link to this page in my favorites.

1.     SIFramework Face to Face update on QueryHealth
In which I explain why declarative is the way to go for Query Health
2.     Declarative vs. Procedural and Query Health
Some early explorations of HQMF
3.     Value Sets and QueryHealth
Using IHE SVS to address access to value sets.
4.     Putting together the pieces for Query Health
Linking the query criteria to the data model in HQMF
5.     When the XML Sucks
A short side note on how we used to make code easier to read that might address "Greening" in the future.
6.     HL7 HQMF proof of concept with hQuery
In which I show how to transform HQMF XML into hQuery JavaScript using XSLT
7.     Implementing QueryHealth on a CCD Document Collection
In which I show how to transform HQMF XML into XQuery that would operate over a collection of CCD Documents -- again, using XSLT.
8.     Models for Query Health
In which I address the issue of data models and the need for a Simple model.
9.     SQL  implementation for QueryHealth
In which I demonstrate transformation of HQMF XML into SQL (again using XSLT -- are we seeing a pattern here).
10.  Implementing min,  max, first and last
In which I show how do deal with aggregate and ordinal query criteria.
11.  Summary computations and HQMF
Where I deal with averaging and counting. 
12.  Classifying results in HQMF
How to add classifiers or stratification groups to a query.
13.  Greening HQMF
Simplifying the HQMF XML using Business Names and XML restructuring
14.  Loading I2B2 from CDA documents
Say you've got an I2B2 installation and a collection of CDA (CCD) documents.  How would you populate the I2B2 clinical repository?  This post explains it. 
15.  Visualizing criteria in HQMF documents
Sometimes a picture paints a thousand lines of XML much more succinctly.  This post demonstrates how to draw a graph of the query criteria in SVG.
16.  Some principles for creating HQMF
Implementation guidance will be needed for using HQMF with Query Health.  Here are some questions that it must address.

17. Demonstrating Queries for Healthcare
      In which I discuss how queries from I2B2 can be converted to HQMF at a high level.

With all of this writing already done, it seems like there might be another book in play. I'll have to think about that.

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