Monday, June 7, 2010

A Short List of CDA Implementation Guides with Links

The embedded PDF below traces the intellectual history of several CDA implementation guides over the years.  Time in general runs from top to bottom.  Dotted lines trace dependencies or sources of innovation and solid lines generally trace "inheritance" or ISA relationships.  Images at the top of each group indicate the organizations behind the development of each of these guides. 

NOTE: Links with a * beside it are to the balloted works instead of the finished guide as these are not yet formally published by HL7.  Access to HL7 DSTU material is available to all, access other HL7 material requires an HL7 member login.  Access to the Vancouver Island Health Authority specification and the IHE and HITSP implementation guides is free to all.

This diagram DOES not include at least 10 more guides developed in HITSP and IHE that use the HL7 CDA, and also does not include guides from France, Germany, Finland, Japan and China and other locations where CDA is used.


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