Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Search Keywords

Since today is a holiday, this post is more for fun than anything else.  If you've been following this blog, you probably already know that I track my readership using Google Analytics.  I spent a little bit of time looking at the keyword hits that drive traffic to this blog site.

RankKeywordSearch Phrases Using ItPage HitsComments
1saeaf8504A popular topic, usuallying including HL7 in the search phrase.
2hl736463Another poplar topic
3boone15417Looking for this blog.
4standards16381Looking for this blog, accompanied by "healthcare"
5hitsp25346Looking for topics on this blog, or for C32.
6healthcare16343Looking for this blog, and usually accompanied by "standards"
7blog11342Looking for this blog.
8keith15323Looking for this blog.
9motorcycle8208Looking for this blog.
10clinical5203Decision support, genomics or document repository.
11guy6197Looking for this blog.
12cda10186Um, that would be one of the other names I answer to and green CDA is one of the popular search topics.
13ihe11168Looking for general information about IHE, profiles, and relationship to standards including HL7
14c326142Almost all looking for the HITSP C32 specification or commentary.
15xds8137Looking for information about XDS
16version3125Version 2 is much more popular than version 3.
17guide2122Both searches for implementation guides for genomics.
18implementation2122Both searches for implementation guides for genomics.
19repository2114XDS and clincial documents.
20rdss581111Some HITSP thing I announced.

Many of the top search keywords are looking specifically for this blog, and a number of other search phrases use titles of posts I've written, and five hits came through for "Vancouver", where I just got back from.

I still haven't figured out what any of this is trying to tell me.


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