Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Ad Hoc HealthIT Award

Those of you who have been reading for a while know the deal. For those who don't: This is an award I give out about 5 times a year to recognize a significant contribution to the development of Healthcare Standards. The contribution is often a singular one, and when it isn't, I don't do repeats in the same year. I'm the sole arbiter and judge. There is no contest or nomination period (although nominees are always welcome).

Over the last few weeks the HIT Community on Twitter has been voting on the #HIT100, and then the #HIT5, producing the #HIT1.  Not to upstage @theEHRGuy, but to add to the recognition that Social Media has had on Healthcare Standards, I decided that it was time to give a Harley to the person who best represented what it means to be involved in both.

The next winner of the Ad Hoc Harley is an individual who blogs about Healthcare Standards and Social Media, communicates regularly through Twitter, FaceBook and elsewhere, and who has been a leader in Social Media as it is related to Healthcare IT.  Through that person's actions, I've seen the development of at least one other HIT Social Media champion in the #HIT5, and the creation of yet one more tweet chat using their work as an example.

This certifies that 
Erica "@TheGr8Chalupa" Olenski of CorePoint Health

Has hereby been recognized for outstanding contributions to the forwarding of Healthcare Standardization through the Use of Social Media

Erica, thanks for all that you do, and for all the late nights you spend on #HITsm and other tweet chats. I can think of no-one else who's had a more direct effect on others in Healthcare Social Media.


P.S.  Just for fun, I've timed this post to go out a couple minutes before the start of tonight's #HITsm tweet chat, with the appropriate hash tag.


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