Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HTML5 BookReview

One of the "gimme's" at the O'Reilly HealthFoo event was a free e-Book (from O'Reilly of course).  Since I no longer code HTML pages for my day job, I'm a bit behind on the current state of affairs with HTML 5.  So, I picked out a likely sounding title from the list yesterday.  Today I downloaded, and just finished reading Mark Pilgrim's HTML5: Up and Running.  

As tech-books go, this one won't make the average uber-HTML-geek happy, but it fit my profile just fine.  The typical tech-book is either reference, or tutorial (some do both).  This book didn't fit either of those patterns.  It provided some interesting history of HTML at the beginning.  The biggest focus of the book was describing some key features of HTML5.

The key features Mark described were:
  • Article Structure
  • Canvas
  • Video and Audio tags
  • New Input Controls
  • Micro-Data
  • Offline Applications
  • Local Storage
  • Geolocation

He describes quickly the benefits of each, support for them in common browsers, and enough about how they work that your boss could understand it.  If you aren't an HTML uber-geek, this is a good place to get started, but don't expect to learn how to make wicked cool HTML 5 apps that run on tablets from this book.  It just doesn't go to that level of detail. 

Overall, its a good, quick overview of HTML 5.

-- Keith

P.S. I have an interesting idea to explore wrt microdata and CDA R3, that I'll talk more about later


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