Friday, March 23, 2012

On The Meaningful Use Stage 2 Rules

I've written a score and more posts on Meaningful Use Stage 2.  This post serves as a quick link to all my writings on Stage 2 for those of you looking for an easy way to find something.  New writing on Stage 2 will eventually be added to the end of this page, but you will also be able to find it by looking for the Stage 2 tag in the cloud to the right.  This page can be found in My Favorites.

Posts on the Test Procedures

  1. First Wave of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Tests
  2. Wave 2 of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Test Procedures 
  3. Wave 3 of Meaningful Use Stage 2 Test Procedures
Posts on the Final Rule
  1. What changed in the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Standards Regulation?
    A detailed list of changes in the Standards Rule.
  2. The Bare Essentials: Changes in Meaningful Use Stage 2 Standards
  3. An executive summary of what changed in the Standards rule.
  4. Changes to the Meaningful Use Incentives Stage 2 Rule
    What changed in the Incentives Rule, including an Executive Summary
  5. HL7 Standards and IHE Profiles in the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Final Rule
    A list of HL7 and IHE Standards and Implementation Guides that you should have copies of.
  6. Links to the Bookmarked Rule (via Corey Spears)
    Links to the Bookmarked Final Rules that Corey Spears put together for us.
  7. Are we Final yet for Meaningful Use Stage 2? Perhaps Not
    QRDA Category III is named for Quality Reporting, but HL7 isn't done with it yet.  The rule could change...
  8. On Standards for Human Language and Meaningful Use
    What happens when two requirements collided.  CDA and Meaningful Use have different ways to express Human languages.
  9. Stage 2 Final Rule Crosswalk from Meaningful Use Objectives to the Standards
    What standards need to be used to meet that criteria?  What certified capabilities do providers need? These tables will help.
Posts On the Proposed Rule
  1. Summary of the Standards and Certification Rule
    My initial reactions to 42 CFR 170
  2. Objectives mapped to Certification Criteria
    Mapping from 42 CFR 495.6 (Meaningful use objectives) to 42 CFR 170.314 (Certification Criteria) 
  3. Certification Criteria Crosswalk to Standards
    Mapping from 42 CFR 170.314 (Certification Criteria) to 42 CFR 170.20X (Adopted Standards)
  4. Thoughts on the Incentives Rule
    My initial reactions to 42 CFR 496
  5. A Summary Care Record by any other name ... is as clear as mud.
    Part 1 of a four part series in which I point out a problem across the proposed wording in the Certification and Incentives rule.
  6. Defining a Summary Care Record
    Part 2 of a four part series in which I map the definitions to a set of named requirements and show that they aren't really all that much different.
  7. Using the CDA Consolidation Guide to make Sense of Summary Care Records
    Part 3 of a four part series in which I take the requirements from part 2 and map it to the CDA Consolidation Guide document, section and entry templates.
  8. There can be only one: What the Summary Care Record should look like
    Part 4 of 4 addresses  how we fix the problem in the rules.
  9. Time to Ship It
    In which I address the question of whether CDA Consolidation guide is good enough, or if we need more (spoiler, we don't need more).
  10. Patient Engagement is a Two-way Effort
    In which I address the issue of measuring providers on what patients do.
  11. Testing for Meaningful Use Stage 2 with Consolidated CDA
    In which I explain what the testing criteria would look like to address questions about which document you must generate (at least one of the structured documents in Consolidated CDA), and which you must be able to "incorporate" (for lack of a better term).
  12. How does the ICD10 Delay Impact Meaningful Use Stage 2
    We had a delay in MU Stage 2 that helped coordinate Stage 2 and ICD-10 implementation, and now we have an ICD-10 proposed delay that undoes that.  How could this impact Stage 2 implementation?
  13. Writing to and Reading From /dev/nul in Meaningful Use Stage 2
    Where I explain some missing stuff from Stage 2 that means we could be writing to the bit bucket, and how the lack of backwards compatibility means that we cannot read from Stage 1 history. 
  14. On Vocabulary for Smoking Status
    In which I describe a decent value set to support smoking status from SNOMED CT.
  15. When Clinical Documents are Not Enough
    Why CDA isn't enough to support EHR migration.
  16. Harmonizing Value Sets in Meaningful Use Stage 2
    In which I discuss issues about value sets needed for Meaningful Use and the quality measures.
  17. Two IHE Profiles for Meaningful Use Stage 2
  18. In which I describe two IHE profiles that support Meaningful Use Stage 2, one on the HL7 Infobutton standard, and another supporting reconciliation of problems, medications and allergies.
  19. Q&A from the HL7 Meaningful Use Webinar
    I answer about 30 odd questions from the webinar that I gave.


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