Friday, May 25, 2012

Check the Box for ePatient

My children are at it again, this time my eldest daughter who is 14.  The last time we were at the pediatrician's office, she told them to "Check the Box for ePatient" when we stopped by to request her records.  It's a pretty simple request, but I'm sure they didn't really get it.  But I think they could.

I thought a little bit more deeply about this last night.  As a marketing campaign to patients, this has viral potential.  "Check the Box for ePatient" is about as easy as "Click the [Blue] Button", and it's a way to easily communicate to your provider that you want to be engaged.

Now, having checked the box, what will the provider do differently?  Actually, there shouldn't be anything different in the way they treat you as they would any other patient, but play the game with me.  What do you as a patient expect out of a provider having told them you want to be engaged?  And what is different about you from their other patients?  What should they be able to expect from you?


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