Friday, May 18, 2012

Status Update, HL7 Working Group Meeting

HL7 created a new membership category for care givers that was announced this week.

Meetings on FHIR have been getting standing room only attendance throughout the week.

Structured documents will be balloting several items related to quality measures:
  1. An update to the HQMF based on Query Health
  2. An implementation guide on HQMF used with the Quality Data Model from NQF
  3. An update on QRDA to support aggregated quality reporting (QRDA category II and III)

The first draft of CDA R3 will go out in a for comment only ballot.

A project scope statement for patient authored CDA documents has been developed and will likely also be balloted.

Canada Health InfoWay might be looking to develop a CDA implementation guide for the CDA Header, much like the General header in CCDA and the French DMP.

We may yet see a separation of presentation from the modeled data in CDA R3 which paves the way to use of XHTML for narrative (without microdata).

Templates is moving forward, and I've provided input on an exchange XML format based on a metamodel.

Mobile health is in the forming stages, but also getting traction.

The HL7 policy advisory committe is working on an HL7 response to the NwHIN RFI.

HL7 will be putting on a special education track for meaningful use at the September WGM.


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