Saturday, January 8, 2011

Call for Participation to the ONC S&I Framework and three S&I Initiatives

I'm stuck in LA for a day waiting for my plane to be fixed along with several other HL7 members on our way to the Working Group Meeting meeting in Sydney, Australia. While I'm waiting, I found this in my mailbox from Arien Malec, who led up the Direct Project...

I plan on participating as a committed member. I hope my colleagues in the US do as well.


Greetings to the Direct Project Participants,

Because the Direct Project has not been nearly enough work, this is an invitation to participate in the Standards and Interoperability (S and I) Framework. The S and I Framework is launching today, with Calls for Participation for three initiatives (defined below) starting today and closing on January 28th. The S and I Framework is sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), through the Office for Interoperability and Standards (OIS).

For details about the upcoming S and I Framework Initiative Kick-Off Call, please visit the S and I Framework Wiki at

What is the S and I Framework?

The Standards and Interoperability (S and I) Framework is an investment by the country in a set of harmonized interoperability specifications to support national health outcomes and healthcare priorities, including Meaningful Use, the Nationwide Health Information Network, and the ongoing mission to create better care, better population health and cost reduction through delivery improvements.

What is needed to achieve this future are specific health interoperability initiatives that guide the design and development of a fully integrated and connected health information system to enhance the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the delivery of healthcare. The focus of the S and I Framework is on delivering guidance to the health information technology community that can achieve lasting results in healthcare delivery improvements, through the development of content and technical specifications, the development of reusable tools and services, and the effort to unite stakeholders on common healthcare challenges.

What are S and I Framework Initiatives?
An S and I Initiative focuses on a single challenge with a set of value-creating goals and outcomes that will enhance efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the delivery of healthcare, through the development of content, technical specifications and reusable tools and services. The S and I Framework is currently launching three Initiatives:

How does it work?
The S and I Framework works with a set of motivated organizations and individuals who share the mission and goals of care delivery transformation through improved interoperability. The overall success of the S and I Framework is dependent upon volunteer experts from the healthcare industry and we welcome and encourage new volunteers to contribute to this evolving process. Participant collaboration and deliverable management will be organized through the use of the S and I Framework Wiki (

How Do I Participate?
Any interested party is invited to get involved in S and I Framework Initiatives, participate in discussions and provide comments and feedback by joining the Wiki. However, only Committed Members have voting rights in the S and I consensus process. A Statement of Commitment is required to be a formal Committed Member of the S and I Framework. Participating organizations and individuals must (1) regularly attend weekly Initiative Group meetings, and (2) meaningfully participate in developing needed deliverables, including development of source code, documentation development, and supporting implementation of the S and I Framework pilot efforts.

To participate as a Committed Member, please register for access to the S and I Framework Wiki ( and submit a Statement of Commitment directly on the wiki.

To participate as a Non-Committed Member, please register for Wiki access and feel free to contribute comments or participate in discussions.

We look forward to working with you in advancing the S and I Framework and the ongoing mission to create better care, better population health and cost reduction through delivery improvements. Thank you again for your support and continued interest in healthcare interoperability.


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  1. Hi Keith,
    As you know, related to the Consolidation Project, I've been working w. EHRA and Health Story on a spreadsheet showing CDA documents (including CCD) and the types of data contained therein. While it's not 100% complete, I felt it would be worth making public. I made a version of the spreadsheet available today on my blog

    I and members of my company looking forward to participating in ONC S&I Framework initiatives, once we get through understanding the scope, commitment statements, processes, etc. I encourage others to follow the ONC links that you shared. What I still wonder about is the fact that THREE initiatives have been announced. ONC had earlier asked for comments on TWELVE initiatives, so I don't know if we're going to see similar calls for participation for all 12, or whether some will be de-prioritized, or what. For planning the "bandwidth" to participate, it would be good to know what's coming down the pike as well as what's just been announced.