Monday, January 24, 2011

Public Responses to the PCAST Report

All comments to the PCAST report will eventually be made public on the web.  But until the government releases them, you still have some opportunity to read comments others have already made publically available if you are interested.

First is my "Netizens 2.0 Response".  This really isn't a response by me alone, but all healthcare bloggers I could find, whether I agreed with them or not. 

Comments to ONC: PCAST HIT Report Becomes a Political Piñata (Vince Kuratis) -- Vince provides a list of comments from others and summary of each.  You should read his summaries.  Many (but not all) of the reports he comments on are listed below.

EHRA - I had some input here.
ACR and RSNA (pdf)
IHE USA (pdf) - I also had some input here.
HL7 (pdf) - While I provided some input here, I don't see it in the final result.
Brian Ahier (Healthcare IT Evangelist)
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
American Hospital Association (pdf)
Federation of American Hospitals (pdf)
The Center for Democracy in Technology
Project HealthDesign
The Markle Foundation
The Clinical Groupware Collaborative (Microsoft Word)
The Society for Participatory Medicine (pdf)
Siemens (pdf)
Comments on the PCAST Report (Margalit Gur-Arie)

-- Keith

P.S.  Once again, Vince beats Google and Bing for precision (relevance) and recall within the first five pages


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