Monday, August 29, 2011


30 hours with no power (back now). Lots of scrapes and bruises feom clearing downed tree debris. I downed one intentionally before the storm. My generator failed its test run. And there was of course, no one available to fix it. But at least I don't keep it in the basement where floods could make it useless.

If you needed flashlights, gasoline powered chainsaws ( or other tools ), gas cans, you were out of luck in my neighborhood, but the nearby big-box hardware store did have generators amd some gasoline powered tools.

I know this not because I was looking, but because I ran into others for my short run for work gloves and pruning shears.

One thing it made very clear is that you need to test your emergency plans BEFORE you actually have to use them. Simulations and brainstorming are good ways to play the what if game.

Back to clearing the yard (all are safe here and there was no major damage).

My local electric company just called to tell us that some areas could be without power through the weekend! Glad that's not us.


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