Thursday, August 4, 2011

C32 questions now being routed through Australia

Grahame Grieve has an "Ask me a question button" on his blog. He routed this one my way:
1.What is difference between various documents published by IHE and
HITSP. they looks similar
For example HITSP C28 vs IHE(Emergency Department Encounter Summary)
2. IHE profiles provide the sections of a clinical documents, but how
do i know what are the data elements a section may have and the XML
representation of the data elements.
EG.for Review of Systems what are the data elements we may have inside
the ENTRY tag.
3. if i create a database using all data elements from HITSP C-83,
would that be good enough to store all data elements i may receive in
all kind of CDA(C28,C48, XDS-MS, healtstory etc) documents.
The HITSP specifications are based up, and refer to the content of the IHE specifications.  For example, HITSP C28 makes use of the IHE EDES profile and requires a conforming instance to also comply with the IHE requirements.

With regard to the data elements that a section may have, HITSP and IHE both have required entries which are described within their respective sections.  Any entry required by IHE is also required by HITSP, and HITSP has additional vocabulary requirements, so you can locate the necessary entries within the HITSP C83 document.  Other entries are permitted by both IHE and HITSP.  They simply aren't specified.  This stems from the idea that these are open templates that others could further constrain by adding new requirements for a more specific use case.

With regard to using the data elements from the HITSP C83, that would be good enough to understand all HITSP specified data elements that you might receive, but it is NOT an exhaustive list due to the openness described above.  That being said, if it can be done using a HITSP template, C83 does say you have to use the HITSP specification for it.

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