Thursday, August 18, 2011

PublicHealth Informatics Conference

This weekend, I'll be headed off to the Public Health Informatics Conference, affectionately known in some circles as the Conference formally known as PHIN.

It will be the first Healthcare Conference that I wear my jacket too. It's been to other events, but this will be its first conference.

If you are looking for me, you can find me in my usual place: The Interoperability Showcase where I and many other IHE supporters will be demonstrating use of Healthcare standards for interoperability.

I'll be participating in the Public Health Alerting demonstration, just like I have in prior years. To learn more about what is happening there, you can also check out this session and this one.

I'm looking forward to it.

What we will be demonstrating is actually a very powerful mechanism to deliver public health clinical decision support as a service that can be used by any electronic health record system, health information exchange, or even a personal health record. The work is based on the HITSP T81 specification.

If this seems like old news, it's probably because you've read some of the press I talked about here. We are taking it to the next step. It may have taken time, but I'm hoping it will have been worth the wait.

There will be plenty of other things going on, including use of HL7 CDA to support disease monitoring and surveillance, electronic laboratory reporting, and implementation of several IHE profiles developed by the Quality, Research and Public Health domains. If you are going to the conference, stop by the showcase and say hi. I'll be pretty easy to spot.


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