Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CCDA 2.1 DSTU Update Available for Comment

I was quite please to see this cross my desk this afternoon.  It is the announcement of the request for comments on the C-CDA 2.1 DSTU Update.  As you may recall, this project was initiated at the May working group meeting.  We are now at the first of July, some six weeks after we initiated this project, and have knocked down our third duck (there are about three more to go).  We've done our best to make sure that there is plenty of time to get this into the Meaningful Use Stage 3 regulation, and now it is time for HL7 members to do their part.  Please have a look at the new material and provide your comments before July 13th.



The Consolidated CDA R2.1 DSTU update is available for member review.

SDWG will follow the review process outlined here:

Comment submission deadline: 7/13/2105 11:59 PM ET
Updates open for comment are identified by yellow highlighting.
·         Volume 1 - If the heading is highlighted, the entire section is open for comment.
·         Volume 2 - The specific conformance statements updated are highlighted. Templates that are only updated to reference a contained template that have been versioned (extension="2015-08-01") are not open for comment. Figures with updated conformance statements are open for review.

There are 3 methods to find edits:
2.     High-level change-log in Volume 1 (page 43)
3.     Excel comparison files (CDA R1.1 vs 2.0 Reviews) included in the review zip

All 3 methods should bring a reviewer to the same changes. Comment submission deadline: 7/13/2105 11:59 PM ET

Note, several R1.1/R2.0 errata are fixed in this release  -- all marked with 8/1/2015 (C-CDA R2.0/2.1) on our DSTU comments page (R1.1 / R2.0). SDWG is developing an R1.1/R2.0 errata summary which will be available prior to final publication of R2.1.


Brett Marquard
River Rock Associates

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