Wednesday, July 22, 2015

IHE PCC FHIR-based Profiles for Trial Implementation

It's only Wednesday and already we have approved three IHE profiles to move forward into Trial Implementation, AND have the content updated for publication.  The CMAP and GAO profiles a number of comments from IHE and HL7 participants.  GAO received 50 comments.  CMAP received 30.

These profiles, like just about anything else I've done with FHIR were very easy to update.  We are usually scrambling to get this work done by the end of the meeting (tomorrow), and often have to complete our editing in the following weeks.  By this morning, we had already finished two of these, and after about 90 minutes of editing during lunch, I had finished GAO, which was the more complex of these two.

You can find the prepublication copy of these profiles on the IHE Web site.  They await a final editorial pass starting next week, and will be published very shortly.

I now have one work item left on my plate for THIS meeting, which is to finish up the BPMN white paper for public comment.  That's going to take some major editorial work, because it is as much an instructional guide to creating an IHE XDW profile in BPMN as it is anything else.  That stuff is always hard to get right.



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