Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'll be back!

In my outgoing message to HL7 members as an HL7 Board Member, I made a very short, simple statement.  "I'll be back" I said.

I had made an attempt to become the HL7 Chair, and that didn't work out.  The next opportunity for that role is some time away, and I don't want to spend that much time "out of the loop" of HL7 Board governance.  So I am again running for the HL7 Board.

HL7 International Members can vote for me here.

Unfortunately, at this time, Affiliate members cannot vote for me, and that is something I'd like to change, and have been working with the Internationalization task force to help the organization move in that direction.  That's been a multi-year effort that began initially when I first joined the HL7 Board, and is making SLOW progress.  But the same could be said for the progress we made on freeing up the HL7 standards and developing new business models until suddenly one day we were actually able to announce that policy change.

Big changes like this take time and effort.  I've been part of that effort, and would like to continue to be part of it going forward in HL7.  So, please vote for me in the HL7 Election, and if not me, then at least for someone who will do a good job.  There's a really good slate of candidates this year.



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