Monday, July 13, 2015

Trifolia Template Comparison for CCDA 2.1

I finished my Trifolia template comparison tool last night and used it to compare C-CDA 1.1 to C-CDA 2.1.  You can find my detailed report here. A quick summary of results follows along with some general observations:

Major21Most were issues where 1.1 is more restrictive (has SHALL constraints) in content that MAY be present.  It's the "X, if present, SHALL" that causes a potential problem. These constraints most often appear in performer//addr and performer//telecom.  There are also a couple of possibly missed constraints, though CCDA 1.1 doesn't always follow the same patterns with Narrative text constraints.
Minor3These were mostly cases where a deprecated template which was removed in C-CDA 2.1 might need to be addressed in a SHOULD NOT constraint, just to make the point. If folks strongly disagree, I can back down.
Future9Minor inconsistencies in constraint splitting, or where something might be fixed or clarified without changing the meaning.  These can all wait for later as maintenance as far as I'm concerned.
Total33Overall, not bad for several dozen pages of constraints.

You can get the comparison stylesheet here.  Tonight I'm probably going to compare 2.0 to 2.1 just to see what shows up.  That has a different purpose.  I want to see what it takes to create a 2.1/2.0 aware C-CDA consumer.  I think that might be a useful document to add to the C-CDA 2.1 package.


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