Friday, September 10, 2010

Top O' the Week

It's Friday and time for the recap of the week.  Top content for this week beat out all contenders and was a least twice as popular as the next most popular post. It was I wanna be an e-Patient, a semi-rap I wrote on a short ride back from last Friday's Knowledge Management breakfast.  Dave and I have chatted about this and we really do want to do a You-Tube version of it. My wife is even eager to assist with her production management skills.  We still need a good rhythm track, so if you want to contribute one, please let us know.

Stats for the last 30 days are also pleasing.  The e-Patient Rap tops the charts, followed by the post on Meaningful Use Standards Summary, and in third place and still doing strong is Can you Imagine this Nurse on a Harley?  Could the rise of e-Patients to the top and decline of meaningful use actually forshadow what will happen over the next five years?  I certainly hope so.

BTW:  The ePatient Rap also broke new records for me elsewhere.  It was the most tweeted post on this blog, beating even the Meaningful Use Standards Summary with almost twice as many tweets!

Please keep your suggestions coming.  I have some great ideas for new content mostly coming from readers.  Rene wants a one page summary of Meaningful Use for readers outside the US.  Another reader really NEEDS a one page diagram showing the integration and harmonization activities of all the different standards groups involved in healthcare activities.

The CDA book is coming along.  I'm up to about 220 pages, and have about another 100 or so more to go before I do a final edit and ship it off to the publisher.  My hope is to be able to take the first orders in early October, but that's a lot of text left to write, and not a lot of time to do it.

Upcoming Events
If you are located in the Boston area, the HL7 Working Group Meeting and Plenary Session on Monday October 4th will be worth attending, even if you've never been to an HL7 WGM before.  After the plenary we will be spending the entire afternoon providing a free tutorial on the HL7 Standards for meaningful use (Note that while the tutorial is free, you still need admission fee for the working group meeting on that day, see the brochure for the fee schedule).  The end of tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of early registration discounts.

If you aren't going to be at the working group meeting, but still want to learn about some of the standards (CDA and CCD), you can also attend a free HL7 webinar on September 14th.

Oh, and you remember that Knowledge Management breakfast that resulted in the e-Patient Rap?  Well, we are continuing the discussion about EMR Adoption in Waltham, MA in a Panel Discussion on Thursday, September 16th


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