Friday, September 17, 2010

Top O' the Week

Top of the week is The Healthcare Standards Interconnections, a visualization of how the Healthcare Standards community works together.

The top three posts of the month are:
  1. I wanna be an ePatient A rhythm track is being written (or so I hear), and Dave and I are going to YouTube this, looking for willing performers in Boston area..., maybe in Cambridge for the HL7 Working Group meeting?  In case you haven't registered for that, today is the last day to get the  Early Bird Registration rates.
  2. Meaningful Use Standards Summary  There are a couple of other things happening with quality measures that I need to follow up on.  See for example this quick tweet from @drtonyah on smoking status, to which I owe a deeper response (Thanks for digging that one up).
  3. MeaningfulUse IG for Public Health Surveillance likely to Change  I've heard no news on the last post so I owe a follow up on the Public Health Surveillance guide.  I know at least one meeting has already occured.

Upcoming Events:
Well, I already mentioned the HL7 Cambridge Working group meeting, but what I didn't say was that there will be an opportunity to attend a half day seminar on standards for meaningful use on Monday October 4th. 
Today is also the last day for IHE PCC Proposal Submissions for 2011 development.
Recent Events:
Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a Knowledge Management roundtable discussion on EHR adoption.  If you missed it, search #KMForum for a quick recap.  A few quotables:  Emminence-based medicine referring to providers who practice medicine based on their "authority", and "We are in our EHR puberty" referring to the fact that we are headed into a period of rapid change.  The topics ranged far and wide from the main point, and it was a very lively discussion.  I enjoy these meetings.  @janicemccallum who was also there will be writing a blog post on this.
On Tuesday I spent an hour with about 165 people from 8 different countries on a free webinar, describing the HL7 CDA and CCD Standards. There are some really good questions, but we didn't get time to address all of them.  Look back here next week for some of the answers.



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