Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top O' the Month

Although it's midweek, August is now over and school has finally started (yesterday for my kids).  July was a banner month for this blog, breaking just about all records previously establed, and given that Meaningful Use Standards Summary was clearly the reason for it, I did not expect to beat any of July's numbers in August.  But I just managed to surpass the number of page hits in August over July according to Google and came pretty close according to Blogger's more accurate records.  The three topics most important to readers in August were (based on data in Blogger Stats):
  1. Meaningful Use Standards Summary
    Still going strong after 6 weeks, and I imagine it will continue going strong for another month or so.
  2. Can you imagine this nurse on a Harley?
    I'm quite pleased this post has received the attention that it has.  It's long overdue.
  3. The definition of Transparency is apparently Invisibility
    This post had tremendous impact.  There has been a lot of subsequent activity making the ONC Standards and Interoperability Framework more transparent, including the Monday presentation of this framework by Doug Fridsma given to the HIT Standards FACA.  I reported on that presentation here.
Looking back over the last year and over all time still requires that I use Google Analytics.  The following list shows position for the last year first, and that posts position in the all time list in parenthesis afterwards.
  1. Meaningful Use Standards Summary (1)
    I don't expect this post to be beaten by anything I write until 2013.  Frankly, I hope that predicion is wrong.
  2. Template Identifiers, Business Rules and Degrees of Interoperability (3)
    This post talks about how templates work.  I'm thrilled to see it in the top 10, because it's really important for people to understand how to convey and reuse of business rules in an exchange.
  3. Laboratory Orders (5)
    The industry has been struggling with how to come up with a set of laboratory order codes for decades.  The work reported on here led to the publication of the LOINC Common Laboratory Order value set.
  4. Where in the World is XDS (6)
    The most popular web page I've put together of all time started wth this post I did for Wes Rishel, and that map still beats this blog by about 40,000 views.
  5. Demystifying SAEAF...maybe (7)
    Getting lots of hits in the first quarter of this year, but dropped off after HL7 changed the name to SAIF.  I've updated the title of this post to reflect the new name to ensure that it shows up in searches.
  6. Recognition (8)
    This was my first Ad Hoc Harley award, and on the day it posted, it blew away all previous records.  Still worth reading.
  7. Open Source Standards Implementations (9)
    I added this page as a permanent page and have a few pending updates to make to it, but its apparently been a good resource for people.
  8. Meaningful Use IFR Comments (10)
    Temporally useful but at this point no longer worth reading since the rules have now been finalized.
  9. Meaningful Use Posters (11)
    Robin's Eggs are pretty, what more can I say?
  10. A Quick Overview of the ebXML RIM objects in XDS Metadata (12)
    Still a topic of discussion for many, and a prettuy useful table to boot.
  16.  If I had a Hammer (4)
         My second post ever, and one I think that finally had the impact (pun intended) that it deserved.
  20.  Clinical Decision Support (2)
         Another really good post, and the foundation of a lot of my thinking on the topic of CDS.


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