Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good and Fast work, but BUSTED Process

This is the Preliminary EHR Data Requirements for Syndromic Surveillance from ISDS.

Page 6 section 1.2 Meaningful Use Working Group Charter and 1.2.2 Membership is the most interesting to me, quoted below, emphasis mine:

1.2 Meaningful Use Workgroup Charter

By January 2011, the Workgroup will recommend a contemporary business model of syndromic surveillance and its core data requirements, using a community consensus-driven process.
1.2.2 Membership

The eight-member group consists of syndromic surveillance experts from state and local health departments from across the U.S. Workgroup members are actively engaged in day-to-day system operations and are developing or implementing health information exchange technologies.

In HITSP days, this definition of a consensus group that omits consumers of a specification, users of products that need to implement it, and vendors required to implement it would get the second worst marks possible during "Tier 2" review, only worse being a proprietary specification.

The prinipal of balance is completely lost here.  It may be good, and fast work, and in the 30 second skim, it even looks pretty much like what HITSP came up with after months of deliberation. 

BUT! The process is BROKEN, and the deadlines here will NOT WORK for Meaningful Users.


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