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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meaningful Use Vocabulary / VADS Vocabulary Updates

Crossed my desk this weekend and may be of value to those of you implementing the NEW CDC Guide for Immunizations using HL7 2.5.1. Most folks I know are sticking with the 2.3.1 guide but it may be of interest to some of you...

Hopefully one day ALL vocabularies required for meaningful use will be just as available and even more accessible!


CDC Vocabulary Server (PHIN VADS) has published the immunization and ELR (HL7 2.5.1) IG value sets.  PHIN VADS can be accessed at
You may be interested in the following VADS vocabulary hyperlinks from VADS August & September 2010 releases:
  1. Immunization – HL7 2.5.1 IG Vocabulary (Meaningful Use)
  2. Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) – HL7 2.5.1 IG Vocabulary (Meaningful Use)
  3. Fiscal Year Update: ICD-9 CM FY 2011* (Effective Oct 1st 2010) value sets: Diagnosis, Procedure
  4. National Healthcare Safety Network’s (NHSN) Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) – Release 5 IG Vocabulary:

    1. NHSN Bloodstream Infection (BSI) - Release 5 
    2. NHSN Surgical Site Infection (SSI) - Release 5
    3. NHSN Hemovigilance Incident Report - Release 5
    4. NHSN Laboratory-Identified Organism (LIO) - Release 5
    5. NHSN MDRO Monthly Monitoring Report - Release 5
    6. NHSN MDRO or CDAD Infection - Release 5
    7. NHSN Patient Influenza Vaccination - Release 5 
    8. NHSN Pneumonia - Release 5
    9. NHSN Population Summary - Release 5
    10. NHSN Procedure - Release 5
    11. NHSN Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Release 5
    12. NHSN Central-line Insertion Practices (CLIP) - Release 5 
    13. NHSN Generic Infection - Release 5
    14. NHSN - All Biovigilance Vocabulary for Release 5
    15. NHSN - All Healthcare Personnel Safety Vocabulary for Release 5
    16. NHSN - All Patient Safety Vocabulary for Release 5
    17. NHSN HAI - All Vocabulary for Release 5

  5. LOINC Value Sets: Lab Test Name (NND) value set for notifiable conditions based on CSTE Technical Implementation Guide (TIG), Microbiology Lab Test Name, Drug Susceptibility Tests.
  6. SNOMED Value Sets: Microorganism, Evaluating Finding, Disease, Procedure by site, Body site
  7. NHSN Healthcare Service Location Code (HL7 V3)
I have also included a document which includes the latest VADS release announcement (VADS 3.0.6 - 9/16/2010). VADS 3.0.6 (Sept 16th 2010) Release - Announcement.pdf 

Sundak Ganesan, MD
Lead CDC Vocabulary Specialist
CDC Vocabulary & Messaging Team


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